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What is the Vango Beta 350 Tent?

by Dawn Lindstrom

For camping trips, bringing along a tent is very important. Why is this so? Tents provide a shelter that campers need when they are at the wild. They serve as their protection from harmful elements and cold weather. Without tents, camping would be uneasy and uncomfortable for there would be no proper place to rest, sleep, eat, and perform certain necessities and area to place valuables and personal belongings. However, bringing a tent is not just enough. To bring a tent that is durable and of good quality is also a must to make sure that it can really serve its purpose well while at camp.

Over the years, Vango had always been known as one of the best brands of tents on the market. Why is this so? This is simply because its outdoor products including its tents are known to be reliable and are very creative; they are constantly improved year by year to be able meet customer expectations and needs. Since Vango products boast excellent quality, the brand itself was awarded with the Duke of Edinburgh award. This achievement clearly proves what Vango products are made of. Due to this reason, the Vango Beta 350 tent is also included in its list of high quality products.

The Vango Beta 350 tent is a one of a kind tent. It has unique attributes which can contribute to making your stay in the wilderness worthwhile. One of its well known features is its Powerflex fiberglass tent poles. These fiberglass poles are not difficult to set up because they are color coded. It only takes less than ten minutes to set up! Can you believe that? Aside from that, there are also other notable features of this tent which include; high powered pole sleeves, a ring system, a pin system and reinforcement points. All of these are contributors to making the tent a very durable one.

Moreover, the Vango Beta 350 tent has plenty of room inside it. This means that it has enough room to accommodate three campers. In addition, it also features a big porch area and a double entrance. Since this brand of camping tent as a lot of room inside it, it makes a perfect area for chat sessions and bonding time with fellow campers. Furthermore, this great space inside can enable campers to place all their camping gear and equipment. This tent is also lightweight which makes it very easy to transport and carry. When this tent is purchased, it has a carry bag that comes along with it.

This feature is very convenient to campers who are backpacking since they can divide the tent into different parts and share the load. Other features of this tent include; a reflective webbing, a rain gutter zip cover, inner pockets, a lantern loop, an inner tent made up of comfortable fabric material, clear windows and a groundsheet that is fire-resistant. With all these amazing features and characteristics, this Vango tent will surely be able to provide the protection, reliability and sturdiness that all campers are looking for in a tent.

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